jog on flagler beach

Keeping Active in Palm Coast

Keeping Active in Palm Coast is easy to do with so many facilities and natural settings at our disposal. Palm Coast has created spots for us to walk, bike, swim, or jog in and around nature and have created some great facilities.┬áThe foresight the town builders had when laying out the town should be appreciated and enjoyed. Continue reading Keeping Active in Palm Coast

Gordons grove deland florida

Gordon’s Grove

We make it a yearly trip to head over to Gordon’s Grove to pick some of the area’s best oranges. For the low price of $10 you can fill a a 5 gallon bucket full of an assortment of different oranges available on the grounds. They also have grapefruit if you want to stock up on the breakfast staple. Continue reading Gordon’s Grove

Life by david

Life can get very hectic this time of year. Catching up for time spent enjoying family and occasions during the holidays. I think it is important to not become overwhelmed and just take it task by task finish one task and move to the next. When we become overwhelmed with how much stuff we have to do often we try to split our time on multiple projects or responsibilities and that is when things can spiral out of control. I think the best recipe is to prioritize, schedule, and then execute and try not to be derailed.

Good luck everyone and enjoy being busy because the opposite of busy sucks!